I really liked the balance on this Malbec!


Laureano Gomez was inspired to set up his own small shop in the Uco Valley after over two decades as a winemaker for two of Mendoza’s top wineries – Trapiche and Salentine. While at Trapiche, he was one of the winemakers to develop ‘Iscay,’ the first ‘cult wine’ to be produced in Argentina.

When Laureano decided to produce his own wines, he converted the garage just off of the family home into a winery, naming it ‘Bodega Garage.’ While the winery is now located in a small building, built by his son, Ary, Laureano has remained true to his small production, family run roots. The new winery still sits next to the family home and Laureano’s wife and five children are all involved. Only 1,700 cases of hand-labeled bottles are produced each year.

Laureano believes that “Todo arranca con la uva,” (everything begins with the grape). He uses only top quality Malbec, Merlot and Pinot Noir, organically grown and hand-harvested in the Uco Valley. The vines are dry farmed and no chemicals are used (pesticides, fertilizers, additives, etc). Laureano employs spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts and no winemaking additives are used. The wines are then very minimally fined or filtered. Sulfites are ≤45 mg/L. The results of this careful effort are elegant, balanced wines that always take care to showcase the varietals and the land where they were grown.

VARIETAL: 100% Malbec

REGION: Valle de Uco

WINEMAKER: Laureano Gomez

GROWING PRACTICES: Organically grown, dry farmed and hand harvested

VINIFICATION: Spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts. Minimally fined or filtered. Sulfites ≤45 mg/L.

AGING: 6 months in French Oak Barrels

TASTING NOTES: Ruby red in color. Fresh red fruit aromas with floral notes. The palate is soft and lush, with continued red fruit flavors that tighten into well balanced tannins for a good finish.

PAIRINGS: Hard cheese, pastas and meats.


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