CIRASA ORGANIC NERELLO MASCALESE 2016 SICILIA, ITALY VARIETAL: 100% Organic Nerello Mascalese VINEYARD: 1,000 feet altitude with brown limestone soil FARMING PRACTICES: Organically grown. Hand harvested into 30lb boxes. No chemicals used (pesticides, fertilizers, additives, etc). WINEMAKING: Spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts. Almost no fining. Sulfites ≤35 mg/L. TASTING NOTES: A pale ruby red color … Continue reading


Come and have fun!

Great vintage…more ripeness and acidity in 2016.

The Bussi Family has been growers and winemakers for 4 generations in Calosso, surrounded by the green hills of Asti. After WW1 Agostino Bussi began to make wine out of Barbera and Nebbiolo grapes on just a small plot of land. Throughout the generations, passion and proud tradition has led the Bussi family to create … Continue reading Great vintage…more ripeness and acidity in 2016.

A “Ribolla” with Great minerality and finish!

VARTIETAL: 100% Ribolla Gialla, vineyards of Codroipo (Udine), grown according to the Guyot method with 5,000 vines per hectare VINIFICATION: Cold-maceration in the skins, soft pressing and fermentation at a controlled temperature AGING: In contact with its lees in stainless-steel vats TASTING NOTES: Dry, slightly acidic, light-bodied wine with floral notes of robinia and citrus

A “Refosco” with Beautiful balance and acidity!

VARIETAL: 100% Refoscone, vineyards of Codroipo (Udine) VINIFICATION: Traditional maceration 10 days in skins, fermentation at temperature of 26-28 degrees Celsius AGING: Barrel aging autumn through summer. TASTING NOTE: Refoscone is a wine with an attractive red color with streaks of violet. Pleasant, fragrant vinous aroma. Lean, full-bodied, slightly tannic to the palate. Bottled unfiltered. Forchir was … Continue reading A “Refosco” with Beautiful balance and acidity!